We want to help you work with the right people.

Whether you are an employee, independent consultant, part-timer, or intern… you are going to work with other people. So, how do you know if they are the RIGHT PEOPLEfor you? When employers or clients can ask for references from you, why can’t you do the same anonymously, confidentially, with the help of the internet?

Ok, so how does this work? Simply put, “wisdom of the crowds”. We are aggregating ratings on your future boss and co-workers that are provided by people just like you. What you’ll see is the average of all those ratings, on a 5 star scale, with tags like Fun, Boring or Rude. You’ll also see recommendations to either work or not work with them. This puts the same power in your hands that employers have in deciding if they should hire you. Well, now you can decide if you want to be hired by them.

So, why should you submit a rating, now?

Picture this. You or a dear friend is going in for a job interview. Or you’re going to interview someone. You open the Applygo app (to be built sometime in the future) and look up the people who you’re going to meet. Their information pops up, with a rating by people they’ve worked with, managed, or interviewed with in the past. BOOM. A high rating tells that you’re going to love working with this person, and a low rating tells you to run the other way.

Right now, we are in lean startup mode. We are a tiny crew with no money, and an idea that we think will change how people behave at work. But we want to learn from you first, in order to build the right product for you.



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